Collection 10

Time Vase

2012 | Interactive Design

In response to how modern families perform today, an interactive house decor–TimeVase, was designed to raise people's awareness of the time shared with their loved ones.

Each TimeVase is paired with multiple wrist pieces for all member of the household. Every morning, LEDs within each wrist piece will light up. During the day, while everyone is out for work or school, the wrist piece can act as a timepiece, which tells time with lights that die out every single hour. When a household member returns home, (s)he can save the remaining portions of light into the TimeVase. Once the vase is full, it will reward the family with a delightful rhythm of beams.

Designers: Ho Kun-Ju / Lin Yi-Chan / Lin Chia-Yu


KUN-JU HO is multidisciplinary designer with expertise in Visual Design, Brand Design, UX/UI design, and Design Strategy.


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